Would you like to know how this thing started? Did RAREPEPETRADINGCARDS just copy some idea that was already out there? YES! It started in part as a sarcastic version of SOG Cards. Not that anyone disliked SOG ,in fact no SOG no RARPEPETRADINGCARDS. The counterparty infrastructure had been built out more with the growing popularity of SOG. You can have a look for yourself. Just go into the XCP telegram chat and search for ” “legends of shitcoins”. That was one idea LOG instead of SOG. Then just scroll around there and follow the discussion,or just search for “hey guys I made some rarep pepe cards” to find the first rarepepe card. If anything was copied it was SOG.



2016 Saw the Pump and Pump ofthe RAREPEPE BLOCKCHAIN TRADING community. There were massive ammounts of RAREPEPEBLOCKCHAINTRADINGCARDS created and entered into the directory.Hours spent trading using the rarepepewallet and even more hours waiting for transactions to confirm after haripepe broke the blockchain again. The question remains, can RAREPEPEBLOCKCHAINTRADING survive with a massive volume of new cards every week? The community has gotten out out the pitchforks and yelling that they dont want so many each week. I tend to agree. The question is what , if anything, needs to be done.

There is no equitable way to do it

There is talk of voiting based on pepecash stake, groups of elders and even more somewhat similar options. These are currently being sold as “equitable” or “more equitable”. Let´s have a look at that. What would in practice happen if there was a stake voting system based on how much pepecash you own would be put in place. This would mean that a current private chat of pepecash whales would essentially gain control of card curration. How this is “equitable” humm , well ok it does depend on how much pepecash you hold. It would also put curation into a private chat of pepecash whales of which we dont know who they are, and maybe they dont want to be known. When a card is rejected or a shitty one is let though, who to complain to? Complain too much and we dump on you? At least now we know who to complain to. There is nothing wrong with private chat groups, at all. However the current state of things would put one with unknown people in control of card curation, do we want that? Who is pushing for this solution? Are they in this chat group? Does it matter? Just questions for you to ponder while looking in your rarepepewallet pondering how many more you will need to collect.

How can big investors and the rest of the RAREPEPEBLOCKCHAINCOMMUNITY have a win- win solution?

FEES Rasing the fees to submit a new pepe is a flat fee. It is the same for a pepecash whale or a pepecash pleb. The FEES are collected in PEPECASH this in is a WIN for pepecash whales as they have more retail flow onto the shitcoin exchanges and DEX where PEPECASH is traded. Not only that, we all WIN with more liquidity more PEPECASH, XCP and other RAREPEPEs moving around and higher fees will do just that. But wait that is not all!If you have to pay more for a submission you are going to work harder to make it count. The quality will generaly be better AND there is LESS of an incentive to make 10 new submissions a day as that costs more. This was one of many reason the fees for the auctions were 20% to submit good lots that will sell and not BS. – In the end both the PEPEWHALES and the PEPEPLEBS WIN with higher fees.

Reducing the ammount of submissions allowed per week/month , Cool Off Periods

I think everyone agrees that reducing the ammount of submissions allowed and having cool off periods with NO SUBMISSIONS. Is a good idea. This can be done per executive order right away.


The system is not broken. It just needs some adjustments. Adding new layers to an ALREADY complex system is not needed and will lead to less fun and hurt things. We dont need PEPE-bureaucrats with new complex goverment systems that take hours and hours to maintain and participate in. This will lead down a road of adding more and more complex solutions that are not even needed in the first place. How can a noob even understand such a system. I mean a non shitcoin-bitcoin noob. They can just get a grasp of making a wallet, with some crypto goverment system that stakes or crypto eleders that rotate depending on blocktime of the shitcoin time. Not good solutions.

What to do

Keep doing what you are doing. Write a response on your blog, medium whatever. Let´s not have endless chat discussion about this and instead hammer out concrete points in voice, text or other non chat forms.

Part 2

Standards for PEPECARDS
a rough draft to be added to and edited

a. non divis
b. 100 or more
c. locked
d. Image correct size
2. Rejectzone
a. hardcore porn
b. other random stupid shit to provoke people
like pictures of green people doing anal to frogs
a. Is the art technicaly good, good technique was used yes/no
b. Does the art depect a historical moment in crypto history? yes/no
c. more subjective things

16 Year old steals Bitcoin Private key while playing Pokemon Go


Pokemon GO the popular brand new mobile game that has has turned millions worldwide into Pokemon hunting zombies. It all sounds like good and fun but there have been some cases of tragedy. Jimmy Achards, A 16 year old Florida teen that regularly posts on r/bitcoin, was arrested Sunday morning after stealing a Pokemon that contained his 13 year-old friend´s (Verio Tyhmous) bitcoin private key. According to authorities, the 13 year old thought his younger brother had deleted his Pokemon while he was involved in a flame war on bitcointalk.org forum, when in reality, his pokemon with his bitcoin private key was stolen.

Intertops 20 Years Online - TRUST THE FRIST!Bitcoin Accepted

Since the release of Pokemon GO earlier this week, it has been a hit, and everyone is playing. Verio Tyhmous (13 year old with 5000 r/bitcoin karma) figured out a way to put a private key inside a Pokemon. He then hid the Pokemon and thought it would be a good way to hide a private key. Officer Jerry Seeman commented “It’s sad to see a game capture it’s players so much that they are willing to steal bitcoin from others. Especially in this case, as they were friends”. According to his family, Verio was a very smart and posted on reddit and bitcoin talk every day. They have rarely seen him angry or agitated.

Later the same day 26 Year-Old Damar Dickson talked to Verio about an idea. The idea to get the private keys back included hunting for new pokemon on the highway to get a Pikachu.They would then place the Pikachu near Jimmy and then grab him. Verio and Damar admitted to police that they were playing the newly released Pokemon app game know as “Pokemon Go” while driving. He said “Sh*t if you wanna catch them all you gotta risk it all so I put my car in park and started tossing these balls”. They were so distracted playing they forgot about the mission to get the private keys back. As we were interviewing them we heard the sounds “FOMOFOMO CHINAA CHINNA” coming out of a mobile phone. We asked what it is and Verio replied “Oh that is teamspeak, I talk to other teenagers on there all day about bitcoin, we are expert bitcoin traders and know a lot about fintech”.

Is Pokemon Go a new form of Fintech?

Charges against Jimmy Achards are still unknown, nobody was seriously hurt but this raises concerns about future accidents.

Isle of Man seeking to become a global BTC gambling centre

The acceptance of Bitcoin in Europe as an efficient and convenient payment method is growing rapidly, but if we try to find a spot on its map that can be called a future BTC paradise, our finger will most probably point at the Isle of Man. In actual fact, this Britain’s dependency seeks to become the world’s cryptocurrency capital, and its authorities are determined to make the necessary changes to the legislation.

From April 20 to May 20, 2016, the Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission, or GSC, held a limited consultation aiming to revise gambling-related acts currently in effect and make corresponding amendments to them, so as to bring the legislation in line with some of the operators’ demands. Earlier this year, GSC issued their Gambling Regulations Package 2016, which contains a set of issue-related changes proposed by the Commission, including the expansion of services offered by license holders that sub-licensees can take advantage of, impose upon operators the duty of enabling gamblers to use an extended range of voluntary activity controls, and, even more importantly, introducing the required regulatory changes that would facilitate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by way of traditional payment methods.

The latter measure aims at letting all virtual gambling portals licensed in the Isle of Man and operating abroad/overseas accept payments in Bitcoin and altcoins from their customers on legal terms, and, by this means, enhance their attractiveness globally. Also, in case the proposed amendments are eventually adopted, full licensee will get a chance to offer a wider range of back-office services to sub-licensees, including those related to lotteries and online sports betting.

Other than that, the changes will authorize operators to introduce customized control functionalities for their users, and thus facilitate for a more efficient targeting of the harmful impact of gambling some players are susceptible to. Overall, the set of measures proposed by GSC in their Gambling Regulations Package is designed for both gambling services providers and all users of cryptocurrencies, including those who make deposits and withdrawals in BTC and other ‘coins’ on various casino and betting websites. Still, it is for the dependency’s finance authorities and other officials to either finally approve or reject the Commission’s proposals.

As long as the decision is taken in favour of the changes, soon enough the Isle of Man may witness a rush of virtual casino businesses from all over the globe seeking to be registered in this jurisdiction and obtain a corresponding license.
Click here to read the full article in the Norwegian language.



Yes ladies and gentelman you heard it here first. A well known bitcoin thought leader BLOCKED a person AND a website on twitter. The blockage happened after a so called “hit piece” was done by a bitcoin news website. Apparently the article misrepresented the thought leader and bitcoin influencer´s opinon on private blockchains. Given that popular influencers have mega busy schedules it is not always easy to get in touch with them, and they are not known to reply with the quickness, or at all. In this case there was no effort made to contact though. It is a hard knock life for those crypto writers and thought leaders alike. The question remains –

Did the drama end there?

NO of course not.

THIS IS BITCOIN and drama is part of it.


​Inside the Bitcoin community,people talk mad beef on twitter and reddit. Straight talk mixed in with a healthy dose of trolling and hazing usually iron out any problems, at least keeping them from burning. A noticeable lack of communication between news websites has now created a one sided mud throwing drama event fueled by self interest.

Can’t we all just create an echo chamber

The twitter beef blew up all in the twitter feeds (damn they were a rollin) between a Bitcoin influencer, thought leader and fan favorite. The writer told us like it is with the title “Bitcorn Thought Leader U WRONG BOY’ Wat U talkin about Private Blerkkchainz.” The rap was built around the recent twitter beef that lead to drama that lead to a webpage talking shit about another webpage without contacting them about the drama so that we can create more drama.

In Crypto Rag´s opinion, the deal is, as the other Crypto Rag done forgot to get up with anybody they done f*ked it up. Or in other words. In our kind opinion,the crux of the matter is in fact that the writer failed to schedule a reach out confernce with the thought leader PR desk. In that way is the reason for the actons taken place on the social media platform known as twitter to “block” users.


Writing an opinon article is great. They are nice to read and most news sites publish them daily,in fact I have done a whole hell of a ton. So I am in fact an expert in this manner and have now qualfied myself. The problem with the piece in question will now be explained in a way that I have already explained but I need to increase the word count. I know that you are not stupid but I am sorry I will write as if you are.

A) It is not hard to find thought leader influencer´s opinons.

B) Learn how to use email or a phone.

This shit is damn funny, because, in the article’s first paragraph, they a commin out of the launch pad with shit like , “you stupid” which is in fact a misconception of relevancy that could have been cleared up with 25 cents and a payphone. The “trolly” does not seem to be in tech understanding but instead a language and communication issue.

Question: ” is it easy to create a click-bait heading?”
No it is not.

“Editor’s Note: This break down is the truth . It has started debate and debate has positive and negative sides since a debate has people that agree and disagree, children please study this for tomrrows test.”

How to promote your cloud mining or ponzi with bitcoin!


Do you have a cloud mining operation or ponzi scheme that you need to promote?

-Are you falling on deaf ears with all these haters calling what you are promoting a “scam” or calling you other names like scammer?

-Is the program you are promoting as an affilate not getting the referals that you wanted because people do not trust the offer?

-Would you like to leverage new interest in bitcoin but are not sure how?

-Do you need thought leaders and trustworthy people in the bitcoin world to talk about you?

-Do you need the name of what you are promoting mentioned as much as possible?

If you answered


to any of these questions then we have the solution.

First send 5btc – now only 1btc to apihdspbgpsgpspspspi1335


-Send bitcoin to yourself, any large ammount betweet 5 btc and 500 btc. The more the better.
-From another social media account not associated with what you are promoting send a public message similar to this.
“We just send you too much bitcoin by mistake, please do the right thing and send it back! Thanks!”
Do not send the funds back right away.
-Let people retweet and even get a little angry. Make sure that a few crypto mags pick up the story and that it is on reddit and twitter. Get people to do live streams about it, youtube videos ect.
-Suddenly when everyone is calling you a scammer and thief you SEND THE BITCOIN BACK.

Now you are the hero and have gotten a lot of free exposure for the program that you are promoting.

Repeat for better effects



Have you heard about all the bitcoin miners that mined early and made mega profit?


Do you think that mining bitcoin is for you but you do not know where to start? Maybe you even looked at some mining gear but are unsure what to buy. Do you think bitcoin is dead and ethereum is the next thing? Would you like to mine as much ethereum as you can before proof of stake starts? Here is the solution to


(keep reading)




You might ask yourself what is cloud mining? It is simply mining that is outsourced. You do not have to deal with buying all the mining gear and paying for the power. You just pay for the mining contracts and the maintenance fees.

Get payments everyday into your cloud mining account! EVERY DAY!



Everyday you will get some coins. You can try to calculate how much you should earn by caculating the difficulty and if you know what pool the cloud miners are mining on then you can see how many blocks they have solved. All you do is hold on untill the maintenace fees are higher than the payouts.

Step three: LOSE MONEY

Yes, that is right, LOSE MONEY. You are better off buying whatever coin you want to mine bitcoin, ether, litecoin or other shitcoins. You have a better chance playing statoshi´s secret with free roll and profiting than making profit from cloud mining. Not that the cloud miners do not do what they say, they do, just do the math yourself.


Now that you are butthurt realising you will never profit with cloud mining you should start promoting the affiliate program. This way you have a chance of making about the same ammount of profit as you would have simply buying bitcoin, ether or litecoin at spot price.

Try out Satoshi´s Secret here for yourself:

Election 2016 Get Bitcoin! Hedge your Politics!



Election season is in full force. The question remains, who are you going to vote for?

In the right corner

In the right corner we have Trump, Cruz and the Republican Mob. Ready to promote croney capitalism under the guise of personal responsiblity. Book Smart? Throw the books out the window, common sense people, common sense!

In the left corner

In the left corner we have Sanders, Clinton and the Democrat proxy Mob. Ready to promote free stuff and war under the guise of scape goating the mythical “1%”. Problem? Solution = Tax 1%. Dont worry you dont earn enough to get taxed, STOP COMPLAINING YOU TRUMPY! THATS RACIST!

In the unknown corner are the Libertarians but nobody really cares.

Who cares, I came here for the Bitcornz

When it is thou bitcornz you wish thou shall reep bitcornz. There are two main tactics to get more more more bitcornz! First decide if you would prefer the democrat proxy mob or the republican trumpy mob. Lets walk through the method of the cornz madness.

Scenario one – You want the Democrat proxy mob to win and destroy the trump supporters. You are ready for moveon and the mob of protesters to spray mace at people that question them and are wondering – WHERE IS MY FREE STUFF– If this is the case then this is what you do.
1. Sign up at 5dimes
2. Deposit some bitcornz
3. Go to “bet the board – Politics”
4. Bet on “Trump to win election”
? But why did I bet on Trump the root of all evil in the world? ?? ? – Because if Trump loses you WIN if Trump wins, you WIN , WINNNING! Get dem bitcornz! –

You now have hedged politics! Trump loses you are happy, Trump wins you get more bitcornz!

Scenario two– You want Trump to win and are ready to destroy the libtards. You dream of walls and how trump will make Amerikkkia great again. You can not wait untill Trump tells Obama “you´re fired” even though that is not the case “does it really matter how the system works, stop reading so many books” Ready for dem wallz? – If this is the case then this is what you do.
1. Sign up at 5dimes
2. Deposit some bitcornz
3. Go to “bet the board – Politics”
4. Bet on “Democrats to win election”
? But why did I bet on the fukkin Democrats the root of all evil in the world? ?? ? Am I going to hell? – Because if the Democrats lose you WIN if Trump wins, you WIN , WINNNING! Get dem bitcornz! –

You now have hedged politics! Trump wins, you win, Trump loses you win bitcornz, Democrats win you get more bitcornz!

Boy uuu dont make no sense, I want trump to win Y I bet on dem democrats? Boy u want trump to win so you get paaied in dem biztcorns digial money if dem damn New York City Yannkee democrats win, boy ou need to read some boooks and get edjabucated.