Bitcoin Pivot Awards 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen is proud to annoucne the “Bitcoin Pivot Awards” for 2015.
The bitcoin world can be dangerous and violitle. Some companies need to pivot to hedge their risk while others have pivoted to evolve their service platforms. It could be as simple as a new name, new products or doing things the company said that they would never do. Qualifiying for this years “Bitcoin Pivot Award” for 2015 is.

ChangeTip – With the addition of USD there is no need to explain to people the magic internet money. This also shows that you can send anything via twitter it doesnt even have to be bitcoin! What a massive pivot!

Bit Reserve (Uphold) – Uphold has kept true to their bitcoin sceptical blog posts and gone the route of USD

Bitmex – Went from a hard to use futures and hedging platform to offering 100x daily futures.

Crypto Facilities – Went from a 3:1 max leverage futures product to a 5:1 with affiliate program.