“We are pleased to inform that new trading instruments with Chinese offshore Yuan has been added. Now btc-e clients can trade 3 new instruments. A unique trading instruments that enables you to benefit either from price fall or increase are now available in your btc-e MetaTrader4 and WebTrader platforms under following symbols: USD/CNH (available on WebTrader only), BTC/CNH, LTC/CNH”

During the current Fear Uncertiny and Doubt regarding a supposed “China ban on Bitcoin” BTC-E has taken a big step forward and added 3 Yuan based trading pairs “offshore yuan”. This would enable Chinese that wish to depost Yuan to BTC-E to be able to trade for Bitcoin and Litecoin and other altcoins at BTC-E. Maybe this will put an end to easy merket manipulation. Right now just start a rumor with the word “China” in it and ddos a few exchanges in order to instill market fear and panic. Time will tell if this will increace the volume at BTC-E or not.