Isle of Man seeking to become a global BTC gambling centre

The acceptance of Bitcoin in Europe as an efficient and convenient payment method is growing rapidly, but if we try to find a spot on its map that can be called a future BTC paradise, our finger will most probably point at the Isle of Man. In actual fact, this Britain’s dependency seeks to become the world’s cryptocurrency capital, and its authorities are determined to make the necessary changes to the legislation.

From April 20 to May 20, 2016, the Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission, or GSC, held a limited consultation aiming to revise gambling-related acts currently in effect and make corresponding amendments to them, so as to bring the legislation in line with some of the operators’ demands. Earlier this year, GSC issued their Gambling Regulations Package 2016, which contains a set of issue-related changes proposed by the Commission, including the expansion of services offered by license holders that sub-licensees can take advantage of, impose upon operators the duty of enabling gamblers to use an extended range of voluntary activity controls, and, even more importantly, introducing the required regulatory changes that would facilitate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by way of traditional payment methods.

The latter measure aims at letting all virtual gambling portals licensed in the Isle of Man and operating abroad/overseas accept payments in Bitcoin and altcoins from their customers on legal terms, and, by this means, enhance their attractiveness globally. Also, in case the proposed amendments are eventually adopted, full licensee will get a chance to offer a wider range of back-office services to sub-licensees, including those related to lotteries and online sports betting.

Other than that, the changes will authorize operators to introduce customized control functionalities for their users, and thus facilitate for a more efficient targeting of the harmful impact of gambling some players are susceptible to. Overall, the set of measures proposed by GSC in their Gambling Regulations Package is designed for both gambling services providers and all users of cryptocurrencies, including those who make deposits and withdrawals in BTC and other ‘coins’ on various casino and betting websites. Still, it is for the dependency’s finance authorities and other officials to either finally approve or reject the Commission’s proposals.

As long as the decision is taken in favour of the changes, soon enough the Isle of Man may witness a rush of virtual casino businesses from all over the globe seeking to be registered in this jurisdiction and obtain a corresponding license.
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Yes ladies and gentelman you heard it here first. A well known bitcoin thought leader BLOCKED a person AND a website on twitter. The blockage happened after a so called “hit piece” was done by a bitcoin news website. Apparently the article misrepresented the thought leader and bitcoin influencer´s opinon on private blockchains. Given that popular influencers have mega busy schedules it is not always easy to get in touch with them, and they are not known to reply with the quickness, or at all. In this case there was no effort made to contact though. It is a hard knock life for those crypto writers and thought leaders alike. The question remains –

Did the drama end there?

NO of course not.

THIS IS BITCOIN and drama is part of it.


​Inside the Bitcoin community,people talk mad beef on twitter and reddit. Straight talk mixed in with a healthy dose of trolling and hazing usually iron out any problems, at least keeping them from burning. A noticeable lack of communication between news websites has now created a one sided mud throwing drama event fueled by self interest.

Can’t we all just create an echo chamber

The twitter beef blew up all in the twitter feeds (damn they were a rollin) between a Bitcoin influencer, thought leader and fan favorite. The writer told us like it is with the title “Bitcorn Thought Leader U WRONG BOY’ Wat U talkin about Private Blerkkchainz.” The rap was built around the recent twitter beef that lead to drama that lead to a webpage talking shit about another webpage without contacting them about the drama so that we can create more drama.

In Crypto Rag´s opinion, the deal is, as the other Crypto Rag done forgot to get up with anybody they done f*ked it up. Or in other words. In our kind opinion,the crux of the matter is in fact that the writer failed to schedule a reach out confernce with the thought leader PR desk. In that way is the reason for the actons taken place on the social media platform known as twitter to “block” users.


Writing an opinon article is great. They are nice to read and most news sites publish them daily,in fact I have done a whole hell of a ton. So I am in fact an expert in this manner and have now qualfied myself. The problem with the piece in question will now be explained in a way that I have already explained but I need to increase the word count. I know that you are not stupid but I am sorry I will write as if you are.

A) It is not hard to find thought leader influencer´s opinons.

B) Learn how to use email or a phone.

This shit is damn funny, because, in the article’s first paragraph, they a commin out of the launch pad with shit like , “you stupid” which is in fact a misconception of relevancy that could have been cleared up with 25 cents and a payphone. The “trolly” does not seem to be in tech understanding but instead a language and communication issue.

Question: ” is it easy to create a click-bait heading?”
No it is not.

“Editor’s Note: This break down is the truth . It has started debate and debate has positive and negative sides since a debate has people that agree and disagree, children please study this for tomrrows test.”

How to promote your cloud mining or ponzi with bitcoin!


Do you have a cloud mining operation or ponzi scheme that you need to promote?

-Are you falling on deaf ears with all these haters calling what you are promoting a “scam” or calling you other names like scammer?

-Is the program you are promoting as an affilate not getting the referals that you wanted because people do not trust the offer?

-Would you like to leverage new interest in bitcoin but are not sure how?

-Do you need thought leaders and trustworthy people in the bitcoin world to talk about you?

-Do you need the name of what you are promoting mentioned as much as possible?

If you answered


to any of these questions then we have the solution.

First send 5btc – now only 1btc to apihdspbgpsgpspspspi1335


-Send bitcoin to yourself, any large ammount betweet 5 btc and 500 btc. The more the better.
-From another social media account not associated with what you are promoting send a public message similar to this.
“We just send you too much bitcoin by mistake, please do the right thing and send it back! Thanks!”
Do not send the funds back right away.
-Let people retweet and even get a little angry. Make sure that a few crypto mags pick up the story and that it is on reddit and twitter. Get people to do live streams about it, youtube videos ect.
-Suddenly when everyone is calling you a scammer and thief you SEND THE BITCOIN BACK.

Now you are the hero and have gotten a lot of free exposure for the program that you are promoting.

Repeat for better effects

2016 – a big year for Bitcoin?

In the months to come, the cryptocurrency has really great chances to become officially recognized by the Malta Gaming Authority and regulatory bodies.

Indeed, this year may turn out to be the beginning of the groundbreaking era for BTC, as rumor has it the digital currency is on its way to be formally approved of by MGA, the globally acclaimed principal gaming authority of Malta, with recognition by regulators in other countries very likely to follow. Nowadays, however, the situation is somewhat paradoxical, as there are hundreds casino portals in the world holding a gambling license issued in Malta that are still unable to make Bitcoin payments available to their customers because of MGA’s current anti-BTC policy.

As suggested by David Barton, editor of, the benefits of MGA changing their mind on Bitcoin are obvious, as this would have a greatly positive impact on the digital currency’s popularity with both virtual gambling business operators (including the ones running real-money casino portals) and their customers. This idea is already supported by major gambling websites having certain experience with Bitcoins, like BitStarz, a truly iconic online сasino based in Malta. According to Sasha Jade, the casino’s marketing chief, the main problem lies in real-money gaming websites still dragging heels on Bitcoin payment integration. And with BTC casinos taking up just about 1% of the total market, while fiat gambling portals enjoy the rest of it, this problem is more serious than many can imagine.

At the same time, Bitcoin-oriented casino websites may have already started the process of grabbing a bigger slice of market share pie from their fiat rivals. At least, such opinion is voiced by Stephen Turk, NASCasino’s brand manager. This, as Turk believes, may be happening because “Bitcoin has been very stable and indeed is rising in value”, with big casinos now rushing to include BTC into their sets of payment solutions. As for the momentary strategy chosen by Bitcoin gaming portals, they seem to be concentrated on expanding the range of services and options, so as to be able to both retain their existing clients, and bring in the new ones. Overall, market growth is the dominating trend in the 2016 financial forecast for BTC gambling.

Logically enough, decision-makers granting favor to Bitcoin will, with great probability, cause real-money casino gaming businesses to officially start offering BTC payments to their customers. What is likely to start happening next is BTC gambling unfolding its wings for real, with the cryptocurrency itself becoming increasingly popular among the masses. As explained by mBit Casino’s VIP player manager Linda Murphy, the possible reconsideration of MGA’s stance on Bitcoins “will allow [the virtual currency] to get on the global gaming market”, but also “[to] expand into Asian and Russian markets”. mBit expects the regulators to realize that BTC, with all its numerous advantages over traditional payment systems, is indeed a step-ahead solution for the entire worldwide virtual gambling industry. Speaking further about the benefits of BTC integration for casino operators, Murphy pointed out the possibility for [brands to start offering their] players higher rewards than casinos that only offer FIAT”, with this change likely to “cause a shift in where players prefer to play”.

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Bitcoin payments – a whole bunch of opportunities for online gambling

Gradually taking up positions globally as an alternative means of payment, Bitcoin was more than just quick to come to the online gambling industry: the very first Bitcoin casinos, sports betting websites and portals offering basic video games appeared at least several years ago.

Among numerous benefits usually attributed to this cryptocurrency, its cost-effectiveness is undoubtedly the most appealing, and because Bitcoin transactions are so comparatively cheap to perform, the number of online gambling companies considering this great opportunity to prune away their operational costs is growing rapidly.

BitCasino, one of the most popular Bitcoin casino websites, has been offering gambling services to BTC devotees since 2013. As of today, the casino boasts a rich selection of 600+ virtual games of all kinds, and that is much more than any other operator can possibly offer. Last year, the company managed to generate an impressive $5 million turnover in just 3 months, and their estimated targets for this year are even more optimistic.

Unsurprisingly, BitCasino has become a star to steer by for dozens of other gambling companies and operators still groundlessly hanging in doubt about introducing Bitcoin payments, as there are at least several great reasons for them to start accepting the cryptocurrency. First of all, Bitcoin casinos have the problem of chargebacks eliminated as such, and that seems one of the biggest issues for websites accepting payments in ‘traditional’ forms and currencies. Secondly, BTC payments, including deposits and payouts, are completed instantaneously -usually, in seconds or minutes, not days and weeks, as in case with ‘old-school’ casinos. On top of that, Bitcoin transactions are final, and, as already mentioned above, very cheap to perform. Bitcoin as such costs almost nothing to produce, which makes its integration an excellent opportunity for companies to cut down on expenses and substantially minimize transaction and commission fees charged.

An additional point is that Bitcoin casinos, by reason of being relatively easy to set up (everything you may possibly need are programming skills and a computer), seem to be threatening their non-cryptocurrency competitors. Every month, there are at least several new Bitcoin gambling portals, poker rooms and bookmaking websites launched, although only some of them take the trouble to apply for a gambling license. As a matter of fact, it may take legal online gambling operators certain time to think about introducing the Bitcoin payment option on their websites, but now that dozens of major companies and corporations like Dell, Tesla, Virgin, and Microsoft accept Bitcoin payments and find it highly efficient and convenient, their future choice is apparent.

Thanks to Bitpay, Coinbase and other BTC payment service providers, there is a good financial alternative for those companies wishing to accept Bitcoin payments from their customers, but still unwilling to hold any cryptocurrency amounts for some reasons. The BTC payments they receive can be instantly converted into euro, dollars, or any other hard currency they need. Unlike traditional settlements, btc payments contain no remittance information, card number or code, which means scammers will be having a hard time trying to steal the necessary transaction data.

2014 was a really significant year for bitcoin, as many states decided to legalize the cryptocurrency and make it an alternative payment tool existing alongside their national currencies. 1/5 of all transactions made to and by online gamblers was made in bitcoin, which makes the overall bitcoin casino payment amount the biggest of all industries.

Bitcoin gambling the cradle of the global decentralized currency

n recordingly short time, Bitcoin creators have done something hard to even imagine previously: they have been able to launch a decentralized electronic payment industry operating alongside the existing state-controlled financial mechanisms. Its real capacities are to be revealed within the coming years, but thus far it has already been powerful enough to initiate revolutionary changes in the industry of online gambling – the true flagship of the electronic technologies area. As a result, virtual gaming has become much more efficient and available to residents of the countries where Internet casinos are prohibited as such. What has been the real driving force behind Bitcoin’s great success in online gambling?

As of early 2015, there have been tens of BTC casinos of at least two kinds offering their services online. While on some of them Bitcoins are used only as a supplementary payment method in addition to fiat currency deposits and payouts, many are offering their customers no other option but to solely pay and be paid in the cryptocoins. The new Bitcoin gambling portals are launched every once in a while to be available to customers all over the world, just unlike real-money gaming portals that are still beyond the law in many jurisdictions. On top of that, Bitcoin is accessible to everyone willing to use it for making payments, as there are no age restrictions either.

The set of betting options and opportunities you get on a Bitcoin gambling website is in many ways more extensive than the one you eventually get even in the most hyped ‘regular’ real-money houses: your favorite casino, card and table games, virtual slot machines, lotteries, live dealer games, and sports bets – it’s all there at best. But, aside from BTC payment anonymity and instantaneousness, as well as almost non-existent commission fees and the absence of extra expenses, which are frequently seen as Bitcoins’ fundamental features, you also get a thing called fairness provability, and that is something you can’t have on traditional gambling portals. The concept of provably fair gambling websites lies in letting their players verify whether every single outcome of the games they choose to play (like roulette and blackjack) is cheat-free, i.e. based on random numbers generated by cryptographic algorithms, with no outside interference (whether gambler- or casino-side). This is a great advantage for both players and Bitcoin gambling operators themselves, as it enables them to quit building their relationship on trust, and rely upon math and impartiality instead. With all this being said, we can definitely state that Bitcoin has a truly revolutionary potential.

Bitcoin has already started conquering new markets and business branches gradually establishing itself as a full-fledged means of payments accepted by major merchandising companies and online shops. Positively, today we are lucky to witness the formation of the independent payment industry based on block-chain technologies. There may be still certain issues with its state regulation and circulation in parallel with local currencies in certain countries, but we should hope these issues are solved in more or less immediate future, and what we may be expecting to happen one day is the rise of the new truly global currency.

UK Goverment taking on country´s illegal BTC gaming industry

As officials and regulatory bodies in several countries of Europe are starting to apply greater effort to make online casino businesses step out of the shade, operate more transparently, minimize the accessibility of their services to under-age players, and advertise themselves in accordance with legislation, Bitcoin may partially lose its ‘almightiness’ and universality as a virtual payment method supported by many casino portals and increasingly preferred by Internet gamblers. That is the way events may progress in the United Kingdom, a country actually known for its relatively lenient stance on casino gaming. The question of Bitcoin gambling legality has been largely discussed in the UK lately, and that’s for a good reason.

The country’s Gambling Commission (UKGC), the official regulatory body dealing with gambling in all of its aspects, sent out a strong signal to Internet casino gaming operators calling them to bring their activity in line with the UK’s legislation and made it clear they will be unable to run their businesses further without having obtained corresponding licenses, irrespective of the type of currency they conduct transactions in. As stated by the current UKGC head Jenny Williams, the officials are aware of certain operators illegally advertising/offering their services to customers.

In 2013, there was a chance for the cryptocurrency to retain its status of an unregulated commodity in the UK, as the ministers found it rational to free Bitcoin companies from obtaining licenses to operate and comply with existing regulations, and virtual Bitcoin casinos in the UK and betting portals were no exception. Several months ago, however, the government rethought their policy and came up with decision to introduce regulation of Bitcoin exchanges in order to possibly limit them being used unlawfully, including for money washing purposes.

Online gambling industry has been emerging steadily for over two decades already, since the very moment it was successfully capitalized with a view to make it profitable. As of now, electronic casino gaming can boast a set of strong advantages over ‘regular’ gambling, and among the first things making it so popular is greater cost-effectiveness, handiness, flexibility, ease of access, and other crucial aspects. Nevertheless, it has been capable to take up only 10 per cent of the overall market, not least since old-school casino businesses seem to have a very strong lobby among politicians. Tycoons and owners of gigantic brick-and-mortar casino empires like the somewhat notorious 81 year-old US billionaire Sheldon Adelson (a holder of a jaw-dropping $30 billion fortune and the chair of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, a parent enterprise to a group of sub-companies offering gambling services) have literally declared a war on Internet casino gaming, just to fight off the unwished yet more progressive competition.

Still, Bitcoin gambling is nowadays recognized as very viable and having great potential. Bitcoin casino games are enormously popular among virtual gamblers all over the world, not least because the cryptocurrency is capable to provide its users with the unexcelled level of payment anonymity and make their transactions eye-blinkingly fast. BTC may easily be the monetary future of many markets and industries, just as soon as it overgrows the online gambling clothes.