How to lease a mining rig at

Lease a mining rig
altcoin mining but dont have any gear? Not sure about investing in gear that will be useless in a few months? Then try out It is easy to get started and you can mine bitcoin as well as altcoins: Scrypt, Sha-256, Sha-3, Scrypt Jane, and Darkmix.

Here you can see a list of mining rigs offered. You can use the menu to choose which type of contract that you would like. Simply click on the algo that you want and you will see a list of offers. The prices are listed in cost per Mega Hash- per day. So if someone has a price of 0.0001 BTC and is offering 10 MH then it will cost 0.001 BTC per day of mining. You can use the filter to help you find a contract that will help you get more coins.

You can filter miners geographicly and according to the mininum or maximum hours that they allow per contract. Some miners have contracts starting at 1 hour others only starting at 12 or 24 hours. You want to choose a miner that is geographicly close to your mining pool.

Before you get started finding a contract you are going to need to load your wallet with some bitcoin or dogecoin. Yes you heard right, a lot of miners at leaserig accept dogecoin as payment, you will notice a doge logo in the list of mining rig offers.

Go to my account> BTC wallet or Doge wallet and then press -generate address- . Then send some bitcoin or dogecoin to the address in your wallet. You will only need to wait for 2 confirmations before you can start using your deposit. While you are waiting set up your preconfigured pools.

Go to my account > Pools , there you can add preconfiured pools. Keep in mind that they only stay in your account as long as you have your browser open, when you close your browser then the preconfiged pools go away. Ok now are deposit has been confirmed two times, lets go lease a rig.

This one looks interesting. Click “hire and you can get more info.

The blue line is the speed of the rig. Red is downtime. If you click on the miner name then you get linked to a bitcointalk thread with feedback on this rig. Below the graph you can enter in your pool info. If you have preconfiged pools this is really easy.

Then after you have entered in your pools decide how long you want to hire the miner for. Then click “hire” at the bottom and you are mining!