2016 Saw the Pump and Pump ofthe RAREPEPE BLOCKCHAIN TRADING community. There were massive ammounts of RAREPEPEBLOCKCHAINTRADINGCARDS created and entered into the directory.Hours spent trading using the rarepepewallet and even more hours waiting for transactions to confirm after haripepe broke the blockchain again. The question remains, can RAREPEPEBLOCKCHAINTRADING survive with a massive volume of new cards every week? The community has gotten out out the pitchforks and yelling that they dont want so many each week. I tend to agree. The question is what , if anything, needs to be done.

There is no equitable way to do it

There is talk of voiting based on pepecash stake, groups of elders and even more somewhat similar options. These are currently being sold as “equitable” or “more equitable”. Let´s have a look at that. What would in practice happen if there was a stake voting system based on how much pepecash you own would be put in place. This would mean that a current private chat of pepecash whales would essentially gain control of card curration. How this is “equitable” humm , well ok it does depend on how much pepecash you hold. It would also put curation into a private chat of pepecash whales of which we dont know who they are, and maybe they dont want to be known. When a card is rejected or a shitty one is let though, who to complain to? Complain too much and we dump on you? At least now we know who to complain to. There is nothing wrong with private chat groups, at all. However the current state of things would put one with unknown people in control of card curation, do we want that? Who is pushing for this solution? Are they in this chat group? Does it matter? Just questions for you to ponder while looking in your rarepepewallet pondering how many more you will need to collect.

How can big investors and the rest of the RAREPEPEBLOCKCHAINCOMMUNITY have a win- win solution?

FEES Rasing the fees to submit a new pepe is a flat fee. It is the same for a pepecash whale or a pepecash pleb. The FEES are collected in PEPECASH this in is a WIN for pepecash whales as they have more retail flow onto the shitcoin exchanges and DEX where PEPECASH is traded. Not only that, we all WIN with more liquidity more PEPECASH, XCP and other RAREPEPEs moving around and higher fees will do just that. But wait that is not all!If you have to pay more for a submission you are going to work harder to make it count. The quality will generaly be better AND there is LESS of an incentive to make 10 new submissions a day as that costs more. This was one of many reason the fees for the auctions were 20% to submit good lots that will sell and not BS. – In the end both the PEPEWHALES and the PEPEPLEBS WIN with higher fees.

Reducing the ammount of submissions allowed per week/month , Cool Off Periods

I think everyone agrees that reducing the ammount of submissions allowed and having cool off periods with NO SUBMISSIONS. Is a good idea. This can be done per executive order right away.


The system is not broken. It just needs some adjustments. Adding new layers to an ALREADY complex system is not needed and will lead to less fun and hurt things. We dont need PEPE-bureaucrats with new complex goverment systems that take hours and hours to maintain and participate in. This will lead down a road of adding more and more complex solutions that are not even needed in the first place. How can a noob even understand such a system. I mean a non shitcoin-bitcoin noob. They can just get a grasp of making a wallet, with some crypto goverment system that stakes or crypto eleders that rotate depending on blocktime of the shitcoin time. Not good solutions.

What to do

Keep doing what you are doing. Write a response on your blog, medium whatever. Let´s not have endless chat discussion about this and instead hammer out concrete points in voice, text or other non chat forms.

Part 2

Standards for PEPECARDS
a rough draft to be added to and edited

a. non divis
b. 100 or more
c. locked
d. Image correct size
2. Rejectzone
a. hardcore porn
b. other random stupid shit to provoke people
like pictures of green people doing anal to frogs
a. Is the art technicaly good, good technique was used yes/no
b. Does the art depect a historical moment in crypto history? yes/no
c. more subjective things